Unbearable Bears Join Glastonbury Festival

This year’s installment of Glastonbury festival will be made special with the participation of special performances during the the weekend following Labor Day. The event is one of the most awaited music festival by die-hard fans who treat this event as a rite of passage of sorts.

There will be an all-star line up of performers, as many new artists are expected to showcase their talents on the big stage. There is no bigger stage, especially for new artist looking to get the most exposure to the music-loving public, the Glastonbury.

Unbearablebears will be present in the said event, as they are selected as co-presenters during the said event. This is another highlight of the event, having a group of individuals to facilitate the event. There will be a lot of special attractions to make the occasion even more memorable and entertaining.

Among the top performers expected to grace the event, the top headliners include DJ Squall and Mic Thicke, plus a bevy of other performers which will surely make heads turn and ears tuned in. The event will be telecast live on BBC and other local cable stations. Please check with your local cable provider for more information on timings and channel assignments.