New Album Released by Unbearable Bears

The Unbearable Bears is releasing a new album for this summer’s London Festival Parade. The 10-track album is made up of all original house and techno music composed by the band’s lead musician and head writer, Neil Austin. This is the band’s 3rd album release in as many years, and they are slowly gaining popularity all over the world, with their catchy, dance-able beats.

The date of the album release coincides with the Londonderry Summer Festival which will begin May 6th to May 13th and will be held at the O2 Arena. The concert is co-sponsored by MTV and has a strong sponsorship agreement with a lot of major sponsors in the music industry. This shows how strong the public acceptance is for the band and the brand of music which they produce.

Other up and coming bands will also be featured in the said concert, as many local and foreign bands will be the front act for the Unbearable Bears. Some notable bands who will be present are Coldplayer, Incumbus and Range Against the Munchies. With such a great line up, the concert is sure to attract a lot of concert goers who clamor for such live performances and great musical acts for their entertainment.