Neil Austin Donates Music Equipment to Promising Band

As a gesture of goodwill and generosity towards a young and promising band, Neil Austin pledged to donate music equipment to Loomband, a promising band of young musicians looking to make a name in the music business. This band was discovered by the group while playing a concert in Lichtenstein last month. They were the front act for the concert starring the Unbearable Bears, which is led by the enigmatic vocalist, Neil Austin.

The Unbearable Bears front man was so impressed with the stage presence and musical skill of the Loomband, despite having no stage equipment for their performance. They had to borrow guitars and drums from the organizers of the concert, because theirs was really old and beat up and are no longer serviceable. Despite this shortcoming, they light up the stage with their excellent performance of original songs as well as a few covers.

After the show, all the bands had a brief powwow in the backstage area and Neil got around to talking to the members of the other bands. He mentioned how the upcoming band reminds him of when he was also just starting out with his own band. “I have the same experience as you have now. I was also in a band, we had incomplete gear, we had to borrow some of our stuff from friends and peers, just to make it for a show. that’s why when I heard your story from my band mates, memories flashed back before my eyes. It felt like deja vu, only this time it was someone else, but the feeling is still so familiar.”

This is not the first time that Austin did this sort of thing. He has helped out other young and talented bands who were hard up financially and struggling to keep their bands alive. It’s his way of paying it forward, after reaping so much success in his own right.