Concert for Peace Organized

In searching for ways to spread their message of peace and order over chaos and anarchy, several big name bands have decided to come up with a concert for a cause. They intend to do this in every major city and will be touring with many bands in the coming months. this concert will also be a fund raising event, with ticket sales going to victims of violence and discrimination all over the world.

The fund will be coursed through UNESCO, who will oversee the distribution and execution of the programs to help the victims, who are the intended beneficiaries. These groups of mostly indigent and marginalized members of society, need all the help they can get during this very difficult time, when persecution of their kind is very prominent in many countries nowadays.

This social injustice has to be put to a stop, as it sends our society back to the medieval times, where barbaric acts were totally accepted as the norm. But those times are supposed to be a thing that must be left in the past and does not have a place in a modern, civil society like ours.

The event is organized by a group of musicians who have a deep concern over how things are going south in terms of civil equality and social justice. This is our way of helping out our less fortunate, socially deprived people all over the world. This way, we could help alleviate their suffering and hopefully help them get on their feet and become independent, dignified members of society like they deserve to be.