Unbearable Bears is a fan site for the band of the same name. This is made possible with the strong support from the millions of fans worldwide who keep clamoring for ways to get closer to their idols. This site is an online meeting place for all the fans worldwide who wish to get in touch with each other and keep others updated about goings on with their favorite musicians.

This is also a place where people following the band can buy merchandise like shirts, stickers, caps and even some musical memorabilia are available for purchase. It has become quite a vibrant marketplace for people looking to buy or sell some of their prized possessions with a link to the Unbearable Bears.

The people responsible for maintaining this website are some of the most loyal fans of the band since they were just a small band recording songs in Neil Austin’s garage-turned recording studio in the early 2000’s. Since then, the community has grown to a worldwide audience and has grown stronger through the years.

All of the bands gigs, tours and appearances will be posted here from time to time, so people have a good excuse to visit the site often. Of course, the fans need little motivation to come here. They do want to hear the latest events concerning their favorite band. Other important announcements like fan meets will also be posted here regularly.